Inventory Control and Distribution (Intern)

Job Description

Our graduate internship program is a paid internship program designed to provide recent graduates with useful hands-on exposure to the business world by providing solid on-the-job training and mentorship to Interns. The Inventory control and distribution role is structured to bring products to the doorstep of our clients.

The ideal candidate to occupy this role will have the opportunity to acquire relevant skills by effectively participating in the process of inventory in-warding, leading to its delivery at the client’s site.

Every opportunity at DCL Laboratory Products Ltd is unique and highly competitive, available for the best candidate who wishes to commence their firsthand career with us.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Assist in ensuring that appropriate supplies and stock levels are maintained to meet customer demands, both within cost restraints and consistent with the suppliers’ lead time.
  2. Get familiar with the department’s standard operating procedure to ensure excellent service delivery.
  3. Collaborate with the Client service and Sales team regarding customer needs and supply availability.
  4. Collaborate with the team members of the supply chain and logistics department to identify, analyze and report potential distribution and inventory issues and tackle them proactively.
  5. Assist in optimizing the inventory level in conformity to the market needs and proactively analyze and give signals about stock replenishment needs and stock transfers.
  6. Liaise with the sales team to ensure transactions are fulfilled within an agreed time frame.

Job Requirements

  1. An HND or Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Warehousing or Inventory Management or equivalent.
  2. Must have completed National Service Program
  3. Previous experience in supply chain management, planning systems, in logistics activities is an advantage.
  4. Familiar with Microsoft Office in general and other relevant software packages.
  5. Taking ownership and having an action-oriented mindset.
  6. Very good analytical skills.
  7. Team player, able to work independently regarding the job context.

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